February 17 2020

Foods for Better Memory and Focus with guest Rich Frieder

Are you worried about your memory, or perhaps your children’s ability to focus? Listen in as we discuss how to train your brain to have better focus, better memory and better recall – just like you would train your muscles to gain strength. Along with the training you can FEED your brain for optimal focus and memory as well. Listen in to learn how!

February 9 2020

Heart Disease in Women

One in four women die of heart disease every year, an alarming statistic. What is causing this dramatic increase in heart disease in women? Listen in as two nutritionists share causes of heart disease (and debunk a dangerous decades old myth about the disease) and what you can do TODAY to take control of your health.

February 2 2020

Curb the Carb Cravings

Sugar and carbs have a way of taking you off course of your best intentions. Get to the root cause of these cravings and finally say goodbye to cravings for good.

January 26 2020

Is Constipation Or Diarrhea A Problem?

Constipation is so common, but hardly a topic for the dinner table, listen in as two nutritionists share the causes and some solutions for child and adult constipation issues. They share foods to eat and what to avoid, in addition to indicators of good bowel habits and abnormal bowel habits that you’ll want to address.

January 12 2020

Eat Your Way to Health

Listen in to learn how the foods we eat make a big difference in fighting chronic illnesses or conditions. Whether it’s high cholesterol, joint pain, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, muscle aches or pains – it’s all tied back to the food choices we make.

January 6 2020

Stop Dieting to Lose Weight

We’re debunking diet trends that often lead to worse health than you started with, and more weight too. We touch on what diets don’t work and how to take back control of your health by throwing out the trends and focusing on real food in balance.

December 29 2019

How Nutrition Helped My Health

Listen in as we interview three past clients to hear how changing their nutrition helped their health. You will hear from a past client who put her MS into remission by eating real food, someone who was able to get rid of chronic pain by quitting her sugar habit and someone who lost a great deal of weight but her success is about so much more than weight loss. Are you ready to be our next success story?

December 22 2019

Mindful Eating During the Holidays

Today we will be sharing our thoughts and ideas on how to stay mindful of your goals and your personal health plan during the holidays. Hopefully, we can help you say, “no” to the fudge, the Christmas cookies and the bars on this final stretch to the New Year and say, “yes” to the food that makes you feel alive and full of energy.

December 16 2019

Fighting Holiday Depression with Food

In today’s show, we want to help you understand how you can use food and nutrition to beat your holiday depression and winter blues. We will share how your food choices affect how well you handle the extra stress the holiday season brings, along with why your brain needs adequate levels of vitamin D to avoid the winter blues.

December 9 2019

You Are What Your Grandparents Ate

Listen in as we interview Judith Finlayson, author of “You Are What Your Grandparents Ate” where she explains that how our grandparents ate and lived their lives has a direct bearing on who we are today.

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