April 5 2020

Foods to Support Sobriety

Our guest has been sober for 39 years and credits her success in large part to good nutrition. Listen in to her story and learn why blood sugar control is critical when it comes to addictions, be it alcohol addiction, food, gambling.

April 2 2020

Bonus Episode: Cooking the Weight & Wellness Way

Join Dar and Marianne as the discuss healthy recipes you can make at home.

March 29 2020

How Stress Can Cause Weight Gain

Two nutritionists share some of the hidden stressors that can cause weight gain and some nutrition solutions you can put into practice to buffer the biochemical and hormonal causes.

March 24 2020

What to Eat to Manage Anxiety

Two nutritionists share five steps to take today to manage your anxiety. A timely topic as the world grapples with coronavirus and associated anxieties. Listen in, share with a friend.

March 20 2020

Bonus Episode: Immune Support During a Health Crisis.

Are you concerned about your immune system because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Many of our clients are asking what they can do to boost their immune systems. Hear how to support your immune system with good food choices and key immune-support supplements. This podcast will be especially helpful for people whose health conditions require extra support during our current health crisis.

March 16 2020

How Sugar Affects Fibromyalgia Pain

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain conditions and as nutritionists we’re seeing more and more clients turning to nutrition to ease some of their pain and fatigue. We’ll get back to basics and explain what foods are KNOWN to cause fibromyalgia and  what foods and vitamins may help reduce fibromyalgia pain.

March 8 2020

Estrogeneration – How Estrogenics Are Making You Fat, Sick and Infertile

Listen in to learn the big difference between the estrogen that our ovaries make and environmental toxic estrogens. Author, and expert, Anthony G. Jay, PHD shares how damaging these artificial toxic estrogens are in addition to where we may be exposed to them and what we need to do to avoid them completely.

March 1 2020

What Is the Microbiome and How Does It Affect Our Health?

Understand the amazing uniqueness of your microbiome and how it can help, or hurt, your health, weight, moods and more.

February 23 2020

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Excess bodyweight is linked to 8% of all the cancers yet the connection is complicated to say the least. Listen in as two nutritionists expertly explain the connection and more importantly, what you can start doing today to reduce your risk.

February 17 2020

Foods for Better Memory and Focus with guest Rich Frieder

Are you worried about your memory, or perhaps your children’s ability to focus? Listen in as we discuss how to train your brain to have better focus, better memory and better recall – just like you would train your muscles to gain strength. Along with the training you can FEED your brain for optimal focus and memory as well. Listen in to learn how!

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