September 7 2019

The Hormone Connection to Weight Loss

August 25 2019

Nutrition to Reduce Back Pain

In today’s Dishing Up Nutrition, we are interviewing Nutritional Weight & Wellness dietitian Melanie who has struggled with chronic back pain since early 2000 due to an injury. Many people might not realize that us dietitians have also experienced various health challenges and have found our way into nutrition because of the help we gained from eating the Weight & Wellness Way. That is exactly what Melanie is going to share today.

August 18 2019

Foods & Supplements for Neuropathy

Today’s Dishing Up Nutrition is all about neuropathy; which is essentially nerve damage that often causes a prickly or tingling sensation, numbness or muscle weakness in hands and feet. We’ll be answering some common questions like: What causes neuropathy? What are some treatments for neuropathy? And what are some foods and supplements that may help relieve some of the symptoms? Dr. Robert Silverman will be joining us today to provide further insight into possible ways to restore and heal damage to peripheral nerves.

August 11 2019

Eating to Maintain a Strong Body & Mind As We Age

Have you ever considered the fact that what you eat day in and day out affects how well you age? Listen in to today’s Dishing Up Nutrition as we discuss what you should do to keep healthy, strong muscles, along with great ideas for what to eat throughout the day.

August 4 2019

Processed Foods Weight Gain

Recent research from the National Institute of Health found that when subjects ate ultra-processed foods they gained 1-2 pounds a week – which could really add up over a full year. While these findings confirm what we at Nutritional Weight & Wellness have been sharing with clients, but is still news to many Americans. Listen in as we share how to navigate the aisles of processed foods and all the healthier, and tastier, real food options that can have profound benefits on your health.

July 29 2019

Weight Loss Problem - High Estrogen

Did you know that it can be more difficult to lose weight if your hormones are out of balance? Having excess levels of estrogen could be why your weight loss is slowing down or why you're having difficulty losing weight altogether. Listen in to Dishing Up Nutrition as we discuss some lifestyle factors that might be causing you to have increased estrogen.

July 21 2019

The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan

Today we're discussing The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan which explains (in language you’ll understand) how the thyroid functions, why it is important and what it actually does for us. If you are feeling tired, having joint pain, losing your hair, feeling cold, experiencing constipation, depression or weight gain tune in, as all are signs of a thyroid issue.

July 14 2019

How Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity Connect to Health Problems

Many people are surprised to learn the connection between many chronic health problems and a gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease. Alternatively, many chronic diseases could benefit from a gluten-free diet. Tune in to learn why, from two dietitians who have experienced the relief going gluten-free can bring, and have seen many of their clients experience the same.

July 8 2019

Positive & Negative Sides of Stress

In today's Dishing Up Nutrition, we're going to introduce you to a new way of thinking about stress. There are many types of stress, and believe it or not, some stress is actually positive. Where is your stress coming from? What are the most harmful sources of stress to our body and brain? How can stress be a motivator that you use to your personal advantage?

July 1 2019

Self Care Habits for Weight Loss

Do you have habits that are holding you back from your health and weight loss goals? Listen in as we discuss which eating and lifestyle habits might be holding you back, plus some new habits that can move you forward. We will also talk about some of the biochemical reasons you might be making unhealthy choices since 40% of what we do every day is based on habits and not on actual decisions we make.

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