May 9 2021

4 key aspects of teen health, explained.

1 in 3 adolescents between the ages of 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder and the rate is increasing. If you’re a parent and wondering what you can do to prevent this from happening to your children, listen in. Two nutritionists (one a mom of three preteens herself) are chatting all about teen health, from weight issues and wanting that perfect body; about energy; about excelling in sports; and about all of the stress of missing school and their friends. Listen in, this hour is not to be missed

May 3 2021

Heart Health Tune-Up

If you are concerned about your cholesterol numbers, a blood vessel blockage wondering why cardiovascular disease is still the #1 killer of Americans, listen in. We have Dr. Steven Masley, author of The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up, joining us and explaining the myth about cholesterol and why Statin medications may not be the best answer for your heart health.

April 26 2021

How to Stop Junk Food Cravings

Two nutritionists explore why we have junk food cravings; why we give in to them, even when we know they are not good for us; and how we can stop these junk food cravings.

April 19 2021

Is Your Gut Healthy and How To Fix It

Listen in to learn what’s behind common signs of poor gut health and suggest simple health habits and foods to relieve the gas, bloating and pain. Even if you don’t struggle with those issues, did you know that having good gut health plays an important role in every part of your health, from your mood to your immune function and pretty much everything in between? Listen in!

April 12 2021

Nutrition & Mental Health

Adults and teens are struggling with anxiety and mental health. Period. On this episode of Dishing Up Nutrition we don’t just want to look at the problem; we want to offer some possible solutions with how nutrition affects mental health, without a doubt. Special guest Dr. Korn often says “Change your mood with your food.” Listen in to learn how.

April 4 2021

Have You Ever Been Told to Lose Weight for Better Cholesterol Numbers?

Two dietitians answer, does your weight affect your cholesterol or is that just a myth? It does seem that every health problem is blamed on a person’s weight but today we’re aiming to help listeners understand that the cholesterol in eggs does not affect the cholesterol in your blood. The real culprit is the sugar you are eating that makes cholesterol. Listen in to learn more.

March 28 2021

Health at Every Size

Today’s show is less about physical health; instead it is more about social and emotional health at every weight. Listen in as two dietitians explore what health has to do with weight and how health really means much more than just a number on the scale. Listen in to learn more.

March 22 2021

Managing Pain & Inflammation with Food

Are you dealing with unwanted pain and inflammation? Listen in as two nutritionists talk about way you can manage your pain and inflammation with a healthy lifestyle.

March 14 2021

What Do My Cravings Mean?

We’re breaking down common nutrient deficiencies directly related to cravings. For example, trouble sleeping or muscle cramps (like Charlie horses) are symptoms of a magnesium deficiency which often manifests in cravings for chocolate. If you crave salt, it is a good chance you are dehydrated. Listen in for more cues your body is sending … and you may be missing entirely!

March 8 2021

Menopause Relief

Two nutritionists are sharing their first (and second, third and on!) steps to combat hot flashes, weight gain (especially weight around the middle), sleep issues, anxiety and the list goes on. You can find relief, start with step one – reduce foods containing carbs. Listen in for more steps and the why behind them.

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