December 28 2009

Gluten Free Holidays

Cassie Weness, R.D. and Wendy Cates-Dancer, R.N. explain what gluten is and discuss some health issues that can be related to a gluten sensitivity.  Later in the show they also talk about delicious gluten free recipes you can make at home.

December 14 2009

A Whole-Food Solution for a Healthy Holiday

Organic food specialist Bea James joins Darlene Kvist, Licensed Nutritionist on Dishing Up Nutrition to talk about organic and natural foods. They are also joined by local organic farmer Larry Schultz to discuss poultry products and how to prepare a perfect turkey.

December 7 2009

Refined Foods Addiction

Darlene Kvist, Licensed Nutritionist and Kara Carper, Master of Holistic Health discuss how sugar, flour and other refined foods create cravings and food addictions with special guest Joan Ifland, Ph.D., author of "SUGARS AND FLOURS: How They Make Us Crazy, Sick, and Fat and What to Do About It".