May 25 2010

Conqueror Your Cravings

Are cravings sabotaging your healthy eating plan?  Does that overwhelming sugar cravings make you feel helpless?  Tune in this week to hear how to conqueror those nasty cravings.  Wendy Cates-Dancer, RN and Cassie Weness, RD along with Amanda talk about where cravings come from and how to control them.  It's not just poor self control, it's biochemical.

May 17 2010

Nutritional Solutions to Gout

Most people believe gout is caused by overeating red meat but tune in this week to hear the connection between gout and sugar. Darlene Kvist, LN and Kristen Gunderson, Nutrition Educator are joined by Greg Peterson, owner of Nutrition Dynamics, to talk about the links between high sugar and high refined carbohydrate consumption to gout.

May 11 2010

The Oiling of America

Healthy fats, bad fats, processed fats…everything you want to know about fats. This week Darlene Kvist, LN and Barb Bredesen, Nutrition Educator, welcome special guest Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions cookbook, to discuss what constitutes a healthy fat and other traditional foods.

May 3 2010

Nutrition for Anti-aging

This week Darlene Kvist, L.N., Cassie Weness, R.D. and Tamara Brown, R.D. talk about anti-aging from the inside out. Hear the latest research indicating that processed foods and carbohydrates are the real in premature aging. They also discuss the role sugar and processed foods have in saggy, wrinkly skin.