June 28 2010

What’s in Your Water?

We’ve all heard that we’re supposed to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. But have you ever wondered if the quality makes a difference? There’s spring water, tap water, distilled water, and varies forms of filtered water. This week Darlene Kvist, Licensed Nutritionist and Kara Carper, Nutrition Educator have special guest Richard Grasse, a water filtration expert for the last 25 years, to discuss what’s in our water and the best way to get it out.

June 21 2010

Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

Are you, a family member or friend suffering with digestive distress, rashes, hives, low energy, migraines, or food allergies? These symptoms (and many more) can be signs of a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. This week Cassie Weness, RD and Anna Derhak, LN discuss how to recognize a gluten sensitivity and what to do if you think you’re sensitive.

June 15 2010

What’s in Your Sweetener?

Artificial and natural sweeteners are everywhere. There are the ones in the pink, blue and yellow packets but there’s also agave, stevia and something called sugar alcohols. You can find them in everything from salad dressings to water, yes even water. Some are obvious others are not. This week Darlene Kvist, LN and Kristen Gunderson, Nutrition Educator are joined by Tamara Brown, RD to talk about which sweeteners to avoid, some may surprise you, and which are OK.

June 8 2010

Managing Chronic Illness

This week Darlene Kvist, LN and Wendy Cates-Dancer, RN welcome special guest Mary O’Keefe cofounder and president of Well Within, a nonprofit wellness resource center in St. Paul, MN to discuss the role nutrition along with other complimentary healing services have in the management of chronic illness.

June 1 2010

Ask the Nutritionist _ May 2010

This week Darlene Kvist, LN and Anna Derhak, LN answer your questions.  ** Due to technical difficulties callers questions could not be answered so Darlene and Anna answered the many questions we receive by email.