July 27 2010

Nutrition For Memory and Focus

Are you struggling with senior moments such as word recall or remembering names?  Maybe you can't remember where you put your keys?  Listen this week to Darlene Kvist, Licensed Nutritionist and Wendy Cates-Dancer, RN and learn which foods you eat on a daily basis help or hinder your memory and focus.

July 20 2010

Foods For Good Moods

You probably understand that what you eat affects how much you weigh, but have you thought about how your food choices affect your brain chemistry? The right foods can have a huge effect on your mood, energy, and stress and anxiety levels. Tune in this week to hear Darlene Kvist, Licensed Nutritionist, Tamara Brown, Registered Dietitian and guest Kate Crosby discuss which foods help balance moods, increase energy and decrease stress.

July 13 2010

Foods For Great Energy

Wish you had more energy? Do you always feel exhausted? This week Licensed Nutritionist, Darlene Kvist and Nutrition Educator, Kara Carper explain which foods sap your energy and which foods to eat for maximum energy.

July 6 2010

Ask the Nutritionist _ July 2010

Licensed Nutritionists Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak answer caller's nutrition questions.