November 17 2010

Roadblocks to Healthy Eating

What are you're roadblocks to healthy eating?  Could it be that you're in a rut and that you're tired of cooking?  This week Darlene, Wendy and Tamara offer lots of great ideas on how to get past those hurdles.

November 10 2010

The Low-Starch Diabetes Solution

This week Licensed Nutritionists Darlene Kvist and Kara Carper welcome special guest Dr. Rob Thompson, MD to discuss his new book, "The Low-Starch Diabetes Solution."  If you or someone you know is struggling with pre-diabetes or diabetes this show will help explain how different carbohydrates affect a person's blood sugar.

November 3 2010

The Halloween Candy Trap

Halloween candy, for many people, is the beginning of the sugar season.  Bags of Halloween candy carry us into Thanksgiving pies, then on to the Holiday treats.  In the aftermath are a few more pounds and the Holiday Blues.  This week Licensed Nutritionists Kara Carper and Anna Derhak talk about how to avoid the Halloween candy trap and end the downward spiral.  Tune in for Tips and Tricks to the Tricks and Treats.