January 31 2011

Managing Fibromyalgia and Arthritis Symptoms

Many people do not understand what fibromyalgia is and even more do not know how to treat it. This week, Darlene Kvist, Wendy Cates-Dancer, and special guest Greg Peterson from Nutrition Dynamics, discuss how to manage pain and inflammation including fibromyalgia and arthritis.

January 23 2011

Change Your Nutrition, Change Your Life

How much does food effect your life? Maybe more than you think. This week, Kara Carper and Cassie Weness with special guest Nell Kauls discuss how nutrition has changed their lives. From weight loss to better sleep, listen this week to learn how nutrition can change your life.

January 17 2011

The Real Cause of Emotional Eating

Whether it's candy, chips, ice cream, or cookies, Darlene Kvist and Kate Crosby will help you get to the bottom of those emotional food cravings. Learn how eating real food in balance can help you free yourself from emotional eating.

January 11 2011

Stop The Cravings

Sticking to your New Years Resolution is difficult. One of the most challenging parts for many people are the cravings. This week, Darlene Kvist and Tamara Brown chat with special guest Nell Kauls about her weight loss journey with Nutritional Weight and Wellness, and discuss ways to stop the cravings.

January 3 2011

The Resolution Solution

Did you resolve to finally lose that weight this year? Are you trying to decide whether to eat low-fat, low-cal, or low-carb? Listen this week to hear Darlene Kvist and Wendy Cates-Dancer discuss how and why eating real food is the solution to your weight loss resolution.