April 30 2011

Strong, Healthy Bones

Most people don't know that osteopenia and osteoporosis can be reversed. Good news, it can! Listen this week as Tamara Brown and Cassie Weness discuss how good nutrition can help improve your bone health.

April 24 2011

Ask The Nutritionist _ April 24, 2011

This week Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak take your call on Ask the Nutritionist.

April 17 2011

Hormonal Migraines and Moods

Did you ever think that migraines were something that could be prevented? They certainly can be! Listen this week as Darlene Kvist, Wendy Cates-Dancer, and Lea Wetzell discuss ways to prevent migraines with real food.

April 12 2011

Health Consequences of Happy Hour

Despite the name, Happy Hour can have some pretty detrimental effects on the body and mind. This week, Cassie Weness and Kate Crosby discuss how alcohol damages your body and can lead to insulin resistance, weight gain, sleep problems, cancer, and more.

April 3 2011

Why We Get Fat

Tune in this week to hear Darlene Kvist and Kara Carper with Special Guest Gary Taubes discuss his new book, Why We Get Fat, and What To Do About It.