September 26 2011

Food and Learning: Smart Foods, Smart Brains

If you have ever experience brain fog or trouble remembering a word? Maybe you have trouble focusing or have been diagnosed with ADHD. Listen this week as Darlene Kvist and Cassie Weness discuss real foods for brain health.

September 18 2011

Sleep Your Way to a Better Memory, Metabolism and Moods

Are you having a tough time getting a good nights sleep? Lack of sleep can cause big problems with moods and metabolism. Listen today to find out how to get better sleep. Darlene Kvist, LN, Lea Wetzell, LN, and Anna Derhak, LN discuss how to Sleep Your Way to a Better Memory, Metabolism, and Mood!

September 11 2011

Prostate Problems? What You Can Do.

The prostate is a small gland but it can cause big problems. Tune in this week as Darlene Kvist, Wendy Cates-Dancer, and special guest Greg Peterson from Nutrition Dynamics discuss how to keep the prostate healthy.