October 31 2011

Stopping Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addicition is major problem in our country today which can lead to type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease and much more. If you can't say no to chips, pasta, bread, candy, cookies, or other sweets, this is the show for you! Tune in today as Wendy Cates-Dancer and Kate Crosby discuss Stopping Your Sugar Addiction and Sugar Addicition Awareness Month.

October 23 2011

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Alzheimer's is becoming an epidemic in this country. Listen this week as Dar Kvist and Wendy Cates-Dancer discuss how to prevent this terrible disease. Also, special guest Jill Escher swings by to discusses her book: Farewell, Club Perma-Chub, A Sugar Addict's Guide to Easy Weight Loss.

October 15 2011

GERD and Acid Reflux

Got heart burn? These days antacids are given out like candy; they're even prescribed to babies! Listen this week as Cassie Weness and Mary Hauge discuss why acid blockers are not the best route for treating acid reflux and what you can do to prevent this uncomfortable problem.

October 9 2011

Ask The Nutritionist _ October 9, 2011

Call in today to get your nutrition questions answered by Darlene Kvist and Lea Wetzell!

October 2 2011

Diabetes Prevention

Today, 1 in 3 Americans is diabetic or pre-diabetic. Find out what you can do to prevent diabetes from developing or begin to reverse diabetes in your life. Today, Darlene Kvist and Kristen Gunderson discuss Diabetes Prevention.