April 29 2012

Maintaining Joint Health

Kara Carper and Kate Crosby discuss ways to prevent joint pain like osteoarthritis using real foods, how sugar creates inflammation in the joints, and the role of healthy fats and protein in tissue repair.

April 22 2012

Nutritional Needs of the Developmentally Delayed

Darlene Kvist and Cassie Weness discuss the importance of eating nutrient-dense, real foods for the developmentally delayed with special guest Shaina Robb.

April 17 2012

The Fear of Letting Go of Your Favorite Food

The harmful effects of sugar have been getting a lot of press lately, which is great, but how do you actually go about cutting sugar out of your diet? Today, Dar Kvist and Anna Derhak discuss the Fear of Letting Go of Your Favorite Food with lots of healthy snack alternatives.

April 8 2012

Gluten-Free Eating

About a third of our population has a gluten sensitivity; many who've attempted to go gluten-free have run into challenges. Today, Cassie Weness and Lea Wetzell discuss how to make the transition to gluten-free living painless and enjoyable with tips for how to get the kids on board too!

April 1 2012


Today Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak discuss common causes of fibromyalgia and nutritional solutions. They also discuss the role of vitamin D and sleep as well as some supplements for seasonal allergies.