October 28 2012

Autoimmune Diseases _ October 2012

Learn about nutritional connections to different autoimmune diseases. Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak discuss aspects of autoimmunity with special guest Dr. Thomas O'Bryan. Find out how to heal your gut to get relief from your autoimmune condition.

October 21 2012

Vitamin D, Your Moods, and Your Immune System

Cassie and Lea discuss adequate levels of vitamin D and how to increase your levels to prevent sickness, pain, and more. Listen today to learn more!

October 14 2012

Estrogen Dominance

With all the misinformation about estrogen and hormones these days it can be hard to decide what is accurate. Today Darlene Kvist, Kate Crosby, and special guest Greg Peterson clear up myths about  estrogen levels, HRT, birth control, and xenoestrogens in our environment. Learn how to rebalance with real food.

October 7 2012

Hidden Habits that Sabotage Weight Loss

Tune in this week to hear Darlene Kvist, Brenna Thompson, with special guest Nell Kauls discuss common roadblocks to weight loss. Learn how to get off diet soda and why eating low fat foods like pasta and pretzels may be contributing to your cravings and weight gain.

October 1 2012

Nutritional Solutions for Back Pain

This week Darlene Kvist, Lea Wetzell, and special guest Madeline Bader discuss how to use real foods with healthy fats and real proteins to help manage chronic back pain.