February 24 2013

Heart Health with special guest, Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Darlene Kvist and Katie Haarala talk with Dr. Stephen Sinatra about which tests are important for predicting heart disease and which are irrelevant. The answer may surprise you! Learn why eggs and butter are NOT the culprit in heart disease and more.

February 17 2013

The Blood Sugar Connection to Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Hearing Loss

Kara Carper and Brenna Thompson teach you how to prevent vision loss and other eye-related diseases by managing your blood sugar levels and eating real food.

February 11 2013

Addictive Eating

Darlene Kvist and Katie Haarala will help you get over those cravings once and for all! Tune in today to find out the real reasons for addictive eating,

February 5 2013

Ask the Nutritionist _ February 5, 2013

Kate Crosby and Anna Derhak answer your nutrition questions!