May 26 2013

The Cancer Risk of Excess Estrogen

Learn how excess estrogen from hormones in the food we eat, chemicals used to soften plastics, and common prescription drugs can lead to cancer and other health problems. Kara Carper and Katie Haarala teach you how to eat to allow your body to detoxify these estrogens.

May 19 2013

The Gut Health Connection to Weight Loss

There are many pieces to the weight loss puzzle. This week, Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak look at how the bacterial composition of your intestinal tract can help or hinder your weight loss progress.

May 12 2013

Five Ways to Improve Your Memory

If you feel like your memory is fading away too quickly, this show is for you! Darlene Kvist and Katie Haarala help you discover which foods you are eating that can cause thoseĀ senior moments and how to get your brain working for you again.

May 6 2013

The Body Signs of Hypothyroidism

Learn the causes and symptoms of thyroid conditions like Hashimoto and Graves disease and how to prevent and reverse symptoms with good nutrition.