December 30 2013

Resolution or Commitment?

It's Resolution Season! This year, are you resolving or making a commitment? Darlene Kvist, Katie Haarala, and Jennifer Barnes talk about the importance of commitment in making lifestyle changes.

December 22 2013

Joint Trouble with special guest Greg Peterson

Darlene Kvist, Anna Derhak, and special guest Greg Peterson from NutriDyn talk about how to prevent joint pain and what supplements can help reduce inflammation. 

December 17 2013

Ask The Nutritionist _ December 7, 2013

Darlene Kvist and Lea Wetzell answer your questions!

December 9 2013

Five Steps to Handle Stressful Times

Kara Carper and Kate Crosby fill you in on 5 easy tips to handle the stressful holiday season.

December 2 2013

Six Simple Ways to Improve Your Mood

Learn six simple ways to improve your moods with Darlene Kvist and Anna Derhak.