January 26 2014

Chronic Back Pain: A Nutritional Connection

Have you ever thought back pain could have a nutrition connection?  This week licensed nutritionists Darlene Kvist and Jennifer Barnes welcome to the show special guest Madeline to share her story of intense back spasms and how after 30 years she found real food nutrition the solution.

January 19 2014

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome & Weight Gain

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS can cause acne, excess hair growth, weight gain and even infertility. This week on Dishing Up Nutrition Darlene Kvist, Lea Wetzell and JoAnn Ridout discuss symptoms of PCOS and how nutrition can help.

January 12 2014

The Top Three Metabolism Problems

Are you struggling with your metabolism?  This week on Dishing Up Nutrition Katie Haarala, R.D. and Kara Carper, C.N.S., L.N. discuss the top three metabolism problems and how to address these problems using real foods.  

January 5 2014

Replace Habits Holding You Back with Habits Moving You Forward

Don't let those bad habit hold you back from accomplishing your health goals.  Darlene Kvist, Brenna Thompson and special guess Nell Kauls discuss how to replace habits holding you back with habits that move you forward.