April 27 2014

Manage Menopausal Mood Swings, Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Some women sail effortlessly through menstrual cycle changes and on to menopause with no issues. But for those of you having mood swings, hot flashes and sleep problems, this show is for you! Learn why starting your day with a breakfast of cereal, milk and a latte sets you up for unpleasant menopause symptoms. Balancing blood sugar, limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, healthy snack ideas, supplements, causes of estrogen dominance and more are addressed on the show. Listen in with hosts Kara Carper and JoAnn Ridout as they address all the very doable things you can do to have a more enjoyable life during menopause.

April 20 2014

Vitamin E and Alzheimer’s with special guest Dr. Maurice Dysken

New research published by the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that vitamin E can be amazingly effective in reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. This research was conducted at the Minneapolis VA Medical Center and lead by Dr. Maurice Dysken. Listen in as Darlene Kvist and Brenna Thompson are joined by Dr. Dysken to learn more about this ground-breaking study and the effects of vitamin E on Alzheimer’s patients.

April 13 2014

Relapse Prevention for Chronic Health Problems, Including Addiction

What happens when people with chronic illness relapse from their recovery plan? What if you have heart disease and you relapse? Or what if you have obesity and you relapse? Why does relapse occur? Is it lack of support? Too many cravings? A plan that just doesn’t work? Explore the topic of relapse prevention as it relates to addiction and chronic disease with hosts Darlene Kvist, Kate Crosby and special guest Nancy Lindgren—a recovering alcoholic of 30 years.

April 6 2014

Five Foods that May be Causing Your Migraines

Do you or someone you know suffer from migraines?  On this episode of Dishing Up Nutrition, Lea and Katie share five foods that may be causing your migraines and reason why they trigger headaches.