May 26 2014

Oh, My Aching Feet (Plantar Fasciitis and Neuropathy)

Controlled blood sugar and correcting vitamin and mineral deficiencies are key to overcoming the pain of neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. In addition, avoiding neurotoxins (artificial sweeteners, flavorings and colorings) and inflammatory foods (sugar, processed carbohydrates, and damaged fats) will help stop the burning and tingling sensations. Listen in with hosts Brenna Thomson and Kara Carper to learn more and discover what you can do to resolve neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.

May 18 2014

Five Foods to Protect Your Eyesight

Eyesight is something we usually take for granted until it starts to fail. You may be surprised to learn that something as simple as balancing your blood sugar is important for good sight. Many people believe that developing cataracts, dry eye, blurred vision, night blindness or macular degeneration is a normal part of aging, but it doesn’t have to be. There is a lot you can do to better your eyesight and avoid chronic eye issues. Tune in to learn what foods and supplements will help improve your eye health with hosts Darlene Kvist, JoAnn Ridout and Katie Haarala.

May 11 2014

Ask the Nutritionist May 10, 2014

On this episode we answer your questions! We address fatigue, cravings, hot flashes, peri-menopause, saturated fats, heart disease and more. Listen in as hosts Darlene Kvist and Lea Wetzell answer caller questions.

May 4 2014

Osteoporosis: Are You at Risk?

Surprisingly, nine million adults have osteoporosis and 48 million adults have low bone density. Bones are living tissue and just like every other tissue in your body, they require nutrients. Not only do you need nutrients for strong bones, you also need a healthy body that’s set up to absorb those nutrients properly. Did you know that regular use of antacids impairs your body’s ability to absorb calcium? Learn why this is and much more with hosts Darlene Kvist and Kate Crosby as they talk about what you can do to strengthen your bones and decrease your risk for developing osteoporosis.