April 27 2015

Ask the Nutritionist _ April 25, 2015

This week Darlene and Kate answer your nutrition questions.  Some questions asked during the show: What can my friend do to support rheumatoid arthritis naturally?, What are some ideas for snacks to take on the go?, and What supplements help nerve pain?

April 19 2015

Menopause Symptoms? Food Makes a Difference

Every menopausal woman has her own unique symptoms and each requires a different solution. Sometimes the solution can be as simple as taking magnesium glycinate for sleep, but for many women it requires a whole lifestyle change. Along with menopause symptoms, menopausal women are often concerned about skin issues such as wrinkles and acne. Listen in as hosts Darlene Kvist, Katie Vigesaa and Tina Beehler answer all your menopause questions and let you know what you can do nutritionally to feel your best.

April 12 2015

The Nutrition Connection to Hypertension

If you have hypertension, or high blood pressure, have you ever considered how your food choices effect your blood pressure numbers? Did you know high blood pressure is the most accurate predictor of cardiovascular disease? Hypertension is a very complicated topic with many different causes, but as nutritionists we want to share information about what foods increase blood pressure, what nutrients help to prevent high blood pressure and what supplements we recommend to help manage blood pressure issues. Listen in with hosts Darlene Kvist and Britni Thomas.

April 5 2015

The Osteoporosis Prevention Plan

According to the World Health Organization, osteoporosis affects more than 75 million people in the United States, Japan and Europe. People living in developed countries have a 30-40 percent lifetime risk of experiencing a hip, vertebral, or wrist fracture. People often believe that to build strong bones, we just need to drink milk or supplement with calcium. However, bones are made from a lot more than just calcium. Recent research is pointing more to the importance of healthy fats in the diet as being supportive to bone health.  What can you do to build strong bones? Listen in with hosts Brenna Thompson, JoAnn Ridout and Lea Wetzell to find out.