December 21 2015

Your Supplement Questions

After adopting a real food lifestyle, our unique biochemistry sometimes calls for supplements. Today we’ll advise and answer questions on supplement use, what works to normalize cholesterol, support your joints, speed up healing and more.

December 14 2015

Holiday Heartburn

Nutritionists often hear, “my heartburn is out of control,” especially around the holidays. This podcast shares some simple solutions to avoid getting heartburn not only for the holiday season but for all year long.

December 7 2015

Understanding Organics, GMOs, and Wild-Caught vs. Farm-Raised Fish

Food labeling is confusing. From “natural,” to “non-GMO,” “organic,” “conventional,” “cage-free,” “Genetically Modified,” and the list goes on. This Dishing Up Nutrition podcast aims to clarify these terms and give you the confidence to choose as you shop.