December 18 2016

Eating the Weight and Wellness Way through the Holidays

No matter what or how you’re celebrating this time of year, those office parties and gatherings with friends and family can derail your healthy eating habits. Today we’re sharing inspirational success stories, the background on what we mean when we say “Eating in balance.” and more tips and tricks to keep you motivated and on track this season. Learn how to keep your blood sugar balanced and why that will help avoid that plate of cookies.  

December 12 2016

The Happiness Diet

We’re sharing what we loved about the book The Happiness Diet that asks “What if you discovered that the best place to begin your personal pursuit of happiness is at the end of your fork”.

December 5 2016

How Digestive Problems Are Linked to Eating Disorders

Two women who have recovered from eating disorders are sharing how their gut health was connected to their success.