November 27 2017

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The holidays are here. You’ve been staying on track with your balanced eating goals. And now, the temptations of the parties, family gatherings, and work celebrations are back. Listen in as we talk about how to continue on the right path over the holidays so you can avoid gaining unnecessary weight.

November 20 2017

Irritable Bowel Syndrom/IBS

Is your tummy grumbling and telling you something's not right? Are you experiencing bloating, constipation or diarrhea many times in one day? Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS, is the most common digestive disorder seen by doctors today. Learn why IBS is occurring and hear about real food solutions to correct digestive imbalances.

November 15 2017

Natural Headache Relief

You have a busy day, don’t feel like cooking, so you order some take-out food and the next day you have an excruciating migraine. Every month you get a hormone related headache, why? Or, maybe you keep getting sinus headaches and can’t find the cause. 

There are natural ways to get relief and Nutritional Weight & Wellness has solutions for you. Listen in!

November 5 2017

The Nutrition Connection to Teen Anxiety & Depression

Is your teenager suffering from anxiety or depression? Did you ever think that what you eat makes a difference in your anxiety level? Listen in as we discuss how food and nutrition are critical for brain function.