January 29 2018

Nutrition to Relieve Sinus Pain

Do you wake up with a sinus headache? Have you noticed that certain foods trigger congestion or a runny nose? Hear about how to naturally relieve these symptoms with real food.

January 22 2018

Signs of a Mineral Deficiency

Do you get frequent colds? Are you tired all the time? These symptoms could be a mineral deficiency. Listen in to hear about the minerals our bodies need.

January 15 2018

A New Look at Alzheimer’s

This is a fresh look at Alzheimer's disease and how the foods we eat affect our brain. Learn about ways to help your brain work at its best. We're joined by Amy Berger, author of The Alzheimer's Antidote.

January 8 2018

Real Food for Weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you wonder if the foods you are eating are helping or hurting you? Listen in and you will learn how eating real food will help with successful weight loss.