February 25 2018

Improving Memory with Real Food

Is your memory slipping or are you noticing more "senior moments." What we put into our brain is what we will get out of it. Learn how you can improve your memory with real food and a few key vitamin supplements. Plus, we will also share how people in their 20s and 30s can help prevent Alzheimer's in their future.

February 18 2018

Is My Tap Water Safe

What is wrong with drinking tap water? Learn about contaminants that can get into our water supply and how to make it safe. Today's guest, Richard Grassie, water expert, talks about ways to eliminate toxins from your water.

February 11 2018

Nutrition for Dry Skin & Nails

Are you seeing new wrinkles on your skin? Are your fingernails cracked and brittle? Our nutritionists explain how eating real food, in balance, can help with dry skin and cracked nails.

February 6 2018

Perimenopausal Weight Gain

What is perimenopause? Why do 80% of women gain weight during perimenopause? Are you dealing with unwanted weight gain? Learn how eating real food can help control perimenopausal weight gain.