April 29 2018

Why Am I Tired All the Time?

One of the questions we receive most often is “Why am I tired all the time?” Listen in as we talk about the many reasons that might be causing your fatigue from simple lack of sleep to more in-depth medical reasons. Learn how you can maximize your energy by eating real food.

April 22 2018

What Does it Take to Be Gluten Free?

Going Gluten Free is so much more than switching from one processed food high in gluten grains to a processed food full of soy, rice flour and bad fats. Listen in as we teach you how to eat gluten free with Real Food versus eating gluten free with processed food. Anyone can benefit from going gluten free, even if you don’t have celiac disease, since gluten is known to be inflammatory and can cause problems with digestion and bloating.

April 8 2018

Macular Degeneration

Did you know that what you eat affects your vision? Listen in as we talk with Dr. Chris Knobbe about all aspects of age-related Macular Degeneration, including what happens to your vision, and the risks and causes for developing AMD. You will come away with some nutrition tips to both prevent and treat Macular Degeneration.

April 1 2018

You Don’t Have to be Perfect to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal for many people. Listen in as we talk with Nell Kahls, who first came to Nutritional Weight & Wellness 10 years ago. After eating the Weight & Wellness Way, she lost 90 pounds and has been able to keep it off. Hear about her journey and learn more about how you can lose weight the healthy way.