February 23 2020

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Excess bodyweight is linked to 8% of all the cancers yet the connection is complicated to say the least. Listen in as two nutritionists expertly explain the connection and more importantly, what you can start doing today to reduce your risk.

February 17 2020

Foods for Better Memory and Focus with guest Rich Frieder

Are you worried about your memory, or perhaps your children’s ability to focus? Listen in as we discuss how to train your brain to have better focus, better memory and better recall – just like you would train your muscles to gain strength. Along with the training you can FEED your brain for optimal focus and memory as well. Listen in to learn how!

February 9 2020

Heart Disease in Women

One in four women die of heart disease every year, an alarming statistic. What is causing this dramatic increase in heart disease in women? Listen in as two nutritionists share causes of heart disease (and debunk a dangerous decades old myth about the disease) and what you can do TODAY to take control of your health.

February 2 2020

Curb the Carb Cravings

Sugar and carbs have a way of taking you off course of your best intentions. Get to the root cause of these cravings and finally say goodbye to cravings for good.