April 26 2020


Two nutritionists share how what you eat affects how well you can heal your brain. If you or someone you love has experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury or a concussion, listen in for this vitally important information.

April 19 2020

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Two nutritionists share signs and symptoms of a lack of sleep and explore new reasons and solutions to answer the question so many people have.

April 16 2020

Bonus Episode: Ask The Nutritionist

Join us as we answer some of the questions we've recieved over the last month. 

April 12 2020

Water for Weight Loss

Listen in to learn how drinking water helps with weight loss and why the quality of water is so important. Water Expert Richard Grassie joins us to share about the contaminants found in tap water and why it is important to filter your water.

April 5 2020

Foods to Support Sobriety

Our guest has been sober for 39 years and credits her success in large part to good nutrition. Listen in to her story and learn why blood sugar control is critical when it comes to addictions, be it alcohol addiction, food, gambling.

April 2 2020

Bonus Episode: Cooking the Weight & Wellness Way

Join Dar and Marianne as the discuss healthy recipes you can make at home.