October 26 2020

The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases

Many people don’t understand that gluten grains are related to many health problems such as Acid Reflux, Osteoporosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis or thyroid conditions, such as Graves Disease or Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease to name just a few. While some think that gluten sensitivities are a passing fad, the two nutritionists hosting this episode share personal and client stories suggesting otherwise with success stories about adverse health effects disappearing after cutting out gluten grains. Listen in to learn if that could be the case for you, and how to safely get started today.

October 12 2020

Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight?

Listen in as two nutritionists share the answers to the question new clients frequently ask – “Why is it so hard to lose weight?” The answer? Listen in as they explain the common mistakes they see again and again, some that are decades in the making. The good news? You can start reversing those misguided attempts today – starting with what you eat next.

October 5 2020

Stressed Out; Not Sleeping? Nutritional Solutions To the Rescue

As we all know, this is a very stressful and high anxiety time for all of us, often showing up as some serious sleep problems. Listen in as two nutritionists share their professional knowledge and personal successes on how to finally get restful, rejuvenating sleep. Spoiler alert, it starts with what you put on the end of your fork. Listen in!