March 28 2021

Health at Every Size

Today’s show is less about physical health; instead it is more about social and emotional health at every weight. Listen in as two dietitians explore what health has to do with weight and how health really means much more than just a number on the scale. Listen in to learn more.

March 22 2021

Managing Pain & Inflammation with Food

Are you dealing with unwanted pain and inflammation? Listen in as two nutritionists talk about way you can manage your pain and inflammation with a healthy lifestyle.

March 14 2021

What Do My Cravings Mean?

We’re breaking down common nutrient deficiencies directly related to cravings. For example, trouble sleeping or muscle cramps (like Charlie horses) are symptoms of a magnesium deficiency which often manifests in cravings for chocolate. If you crave salt, it is a good chance you are dehydrated. Listen in for more cues your body is sending … and you may be missing entirely!

March 8 2021

Menopause Relief

Two nutritionists are sharing their first (and second, third and on!) steps to combat hot flashes, weight gain (especially weight around the middle), sleep issues, anxiety and the list goes on. You can find relief, start with step one – reduce foods containing carbs. Listen in for more steps and the why behind them.

March 1 2021

Relief for Adolescent and Adult Anxiety

Anxiety is something everyone from children to adults deal with. Did you know you can relieve your anxiety by making sure your body is getting the proper nutrients it needs? Listen in as two nutritionists discuss natural ways to treat anxiety without medication.