January 18 2021

Taking Charge of Menopause Symptoms With Food

Two nutritionists share critical information about how your food choices can and will affect menopausal symptoms. Such as alcohol at night leads to hot flashes and night sweats (sugar does too) and much more. Listen in to start relieving yourself of these uncomfortable symptoms, starting today!

January 11 2021

The Case for Keto with special guest Gary Taubes

Best selling author Gary Taubes shares his findings from new book The Case For Keto, of why many of us need to eat fewer carbohydrates and more healthy fat to lose weight and stay healthy.

January 3 2021

Breaking the Sugar Habit

Ready to start the new year off fresh free of sugar? Join two nutritionists as they discuss the effects sugar has on your body and how you can break free of your sugar habits.

December 28 2020

Eating to Control Cravings

Did you say to yourself, just one more treat and I promise I will start eating better tomorrow! BUT tomorrow never comes, because you just can’t seem to stop at just one? If this sounds familiar, listen in as two nutritionists explain what you need to eat first to get ahead of those cravings, often a new concept for many when they first hear it. Cravings are more about brain chemistry than willpower and this episode explains just that. Start 2021 off with this valuable knowledge!

December 21 2020

Food to Help With Depression

Two nutritionists discuss not only foods that can help fight depression, but also share what foods can cause inflammation and even depression. The relationship between depression and your diet is a new connection for many, listen in.

December 14 2020

Kitchen Shortcuts

A licensed dietitian is joined by a seasoned chef to share practical, usable tips, that will cut your time in the kitchen, make that time more enjoyable, and give you the confidence to cook delicious, real foods. While many think of cooking as a hobby, it’s really a life-skill that takes a bit of practice. Let’s make this important part of life less of a chore and more efficient.

December 7 2020

Food Tips For Better Eye Health

Join two nutritionists as they discuss eye health with Dr. Chris Knobbe. They cover which foods to eat and which foods to avoid as well as supplements that can contribute to better eye health.

November 30 2020

Foods & Supplements to Support Memory

Three nutritionist answer what causes memory problems? From traumatic brain injuries to the food you choose to eat, there are a lot of contributing factors. Listen in to understand the critical relationship between poor blood sugar control, losing some memory and even getting Alzheimer’s disease.

November 23 2020

Food & Supplements to Ease Chronic Pain

Listen in as two nutritionists share what foods contribute to pain and inflammation and what can help bring relief – coincidentally those same foods weaken the immune system and accelerate aging. A triple threat best avoided to say the least. Listen in to learn more.

November 15 2020

How Probiotics Reduce Cravings & Support Weight Loss

There are many factors that impact metabolism (it is simply not “calories in, calories out”, which we have been told for decades), but until recently digestive health hasn’t been one of the first to come to mind. Listen in as two nutritionists share how probiotics improve digestive health which in turn can support weight loss and reduce cravings along the way. Could probiotics be the missing part of your weight loss puzzle? Listen in!

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