January 23 2022

Avoiding Menopause Weight Gain

There are many common symptoms to perimenopause and menopause, one of them being weight gain. The first step in achieving a healthy weight during menopause is to get rid of that diet mentality and replace it with eating to nourish your metabolism, energy, and well-being. Many women come into menopause already nutrient deficient, with low energy, hormone imbalances, and extra weight, so tune in to find out what numbers to pay attention to (hint: not the ones on the scale!) and what steps to take to nourish the body as you experience this stage of life.

January 17 2022

Weight & Wellness Success with TJ & Anita

If you’ve listened to Dishing Up Nutrition before, you know our message is a simple one: eat real food for better health. It’s a simple message that gets amazing results. Today we have two very special guests who experienced these amazing results by following the Weight & Wellness way. Tune in to hear how they have not only experienced long-term weight loss, but better health, energy, vitality, and mindset toward food and health. TJ & Anita share why they continue to return to the real food message and the Nutritional Weight & Wellness resources and community.

January 10 2022

Diets for Cholesterol Management

One half of the adult population struggles with cardiovascular disease and today we’ll touch on how cholesterol plays a role in heart health. We’ll discuss the damaging effects of inflammation as well as cover foods that cause that harmful inflammation and the foods that reduce inflammation. We help clients maintain a normal cholesterol range by choosing the beneficial foods and by eliminating the harmful ones, so if you’re struggling in this area, tune in!

January 3 2022

Setting Your Health Goals

The time of year is upon us where folks like to make resolutions, goals, or intentions for the coming year. It feels like a fresh slate and a new beginning. Deciding to make lifestyle changes especially in your food choices is never easy and sticking to new health habits for the long haul can be challenging. In this show we’ll share education and some ideas for support, personal data to pay attention to, and ways to set actionable health goals that will create real change in your life. Join dietitians Teresa and Kristi, with culinary nutrition educator Marianne, to hear lots of inspiration for 2022.

December 20 2021

Acne from Teenage to Menopause

Acne can be an issue that spans many age groups, but is a challenging struggle no matter when in your life you experience it. Since there are foods that can increase acne break outs and foods that can calm the skin, we will dive into the nutritional connection to different types of acne, how hormones and inflammatory foods can affect skin health, and dietary solutions you can use starting today to help yourself, your teen, or anyone else who wants to add more glow to their complexion.

December 6 2021

How to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

We all know for the next 4 weeks there will be an abundance of treats at family gatherings, at work, at neighborhood get-togethers and at shopping centers. There are so many more temptations and it is more challenging to avoid those treats and weight gain than during other times of the year. Today we will share how to get through the holiday season without gaining weight with habits for controlling cravings and providing an understanding of the biochemistry of weight loss and energy. Tune in to meet one of our new dietitians, Jolene Carlson, as she shares her own personal success story of maintaining weight loss, even through the holidays!

November 21 2021

Reduce Anxiety With Food

If you have been experiencing more anxiety over the past 20 months than you ever have in the past, you are not alone, because according to a new study by the CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) about 42% of U.S. adults reported having symptoms of anxiety and depression during this COVID-19 pandemic. That is almost half of the adult population! So what can you do personally to relieve some of your anxiety and depression? Today, as dietitians and nutritionists, we want to focus specifically on the anxiety piece to share at least three biochemical reasons your food choices have a major impact on your mental health.

November 14 2021

Strategies for Controlling Your Blood Sugar

Are you diabetic or at risk of becoming prediabetic? You might be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to eat, but we are here to give you some ideas about foods that may increase blood sugar (like processed convenience foods) as well as foods that may help manage blood sugar (like fresh avocados). There is evidence that type 2 diabetes is controllable with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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November 8 2021

Food Tips to Slow Cognitive Decline

Today we want to provide our listeners with some ideas about what foods will help them keep their brain and memory working smoothly and slowing down any cognitive decline. If you are concerned about your own memory or if one of your parents or grandparents struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, you may wonder if it possible to lower brain inflammation and oxidative stress while keeping the mind sharp and focused. As dietitians and nutritionists, we are always looking at research and have found the findings of a diet that shows some promising results. If you want to prevent dementia or slow down cognitive decline, choosing the right foods is one of the most important habits you can practice and, in this show, we’ll share the details of what to eat and what to avoid.

October 31 2021

Has Covid Got You Back On Sweets?

The past 20 months have been packed with stress and for many people turning to food, especially sugar and processed carbs, has been one way to cope. We all know that the pandemic has increased stress, but did you know that the sales of pre-packaged ultra-processed foods have also increased? The average diet in the U.S. has shifted from eating real food toward a processed food diet. If the COVID-19 pandemic has got you back on eating sweets, tune in to hear how sugar and processed carbs are also stress-producing and pick up some tips on how to reach for real food to help reduce stress.

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