July 31 2017

Natural Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. With prescription pill and opioid addictions a growing national concern we’re talking about natural ways to manage your pain. A crucial listen for anyone suffering.


July 24 2017

Brain Boosting Habits

What can you do to prevent memory lapses, having brain fog, or losing your memory? Turns out quite a bit. Many believe that those “senior moments” are a normal sign of aging, but they are not and certainly don’t have to happen. Listen in as we share brain boosting habits that you can start using today!


July 10 2017

Crohn’s, Colitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

We’re discussing two different autoimmune diseases – Crohn’s Disease and Colitis – both are inflammatory bowel diseases, and for both a healing diet of real food can help eliminate symptoms and get you feeling well again. Listen in!


June 26 2017

Estrogen Connection to Prostrate Problems

After many topic requests on prostate health, we’re bringing in nutrition expert, Greg Peterson to share the cutting edge research about prostate problems.  He’s also sharing nutrition strategies to reduce the risk of developing prostate problems. Listen in!


June 19 2017

Important Minerals, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium

We’re sharing the background on why magnesium, zinc, and calcium are important for your body to function. Listen in for signs that you’re getting enough of these minerals and signs, like charley horses, brittle nails, insomnia or migraines, that you may be deficient.


June 12 2017

Teenage Acne

The teenage years are often associated with the frustration of acne, which we’re here to help clear up. Listen in to learn what foods can cause inflammation which in turn often causes acne. We also share what a damaged intestinal tract has to do with acne, something that often surprises our clients.


June 4 2017

Foods to Reduce Anxiety

During this podcast learn which food choices can help reduce anxiety. 


May 22 2017

The Nutrition Connection to Healthy Gums

We'll be exploring a new topic for us, all about how food and nutrients affect your gum health. It’s not often thought about, but our gums need certain nutrients from food in order to stay healthy. So, if you have been to your dentist recently and have been told you have bleeding gums or receding gums, or know someone who is dealing with that, listen in as we share what foods help, and which hurt your gums.


May 15 2017

Menopause - Moods, Memory & More

On the podcast today we’re helping women through menopause and peri-menopause. We walk through the common complaints that we hear from clients during this phase in life, along with actual nutritional solutions that can reduce symptoms such as hot flashes, poor sleep, depression and much more.    


May 8 2017

Relief from Muscle Pain & Spasms with guest Dr. Rob Silverman

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with leg or foot cramps, with your toes curling up? Or maybe it’s pain in your back, jaw or shoulders? All of the above are muscle cramps and today we’re sharing why you might be experiencing them and what to do about it. We’re joined by special guest Dr. Rob Silverman author of the book Inside – Out Health, as he helps explain why so many people today experience pain, inflammation, muscle cramps, and spasms. Listen in!

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