February 1 2016

Have You Tried Nutrition for Your Aches & Pains?

No matter what kind of arthritis you or a loved one has, there are several different nutrition strategies to help reduce your joint inflammation and ultimately reduce your pain.


January 25 2016

Low Moods and You; The Nutritional Solution

Your brain needs critical nutrients to produce good mood chemicals, listen in to learn what foods help and what foods hurt your mood.


January 18 2016

Gut Health and Weight Loss

New science is pointing to an important factor in losing weight … your gut health. Confused? You’re not alone. Listen in to learn what the bacteria in your gut have to do with your metabolism and ultimate weight loss.  


January 11 2016

Ask The Nutritionist

Nutritionist hosts Dar Kvist and Lea Wetzell answer listeners health related questions. Listen in to learn a full menu of real food to fight sugar cravings, supplement ideas and much more.


January 4 2016

Six Steps to Quit Eating Sugar

How many people can relate to months of sugar overload? From Halloween candy, to Thanksgiving pies and holiday cookies, New Year champagne and the list goes on and on. Listen in for six steps on how to cut out the sweets and reap the numerous benefits. 


December 21 2015

Your Supplement Questions

After adopting a real food lifestyle, our unique biochemistry sometimes calls for supplements. Today we’ll advise and answer questions on supplement use, what works to normalize cholesterol, support your joints, speed up healing and more.


December 14 2015

Holiday Heartburn

Nutritionists often hear, “my heartburn is out of control,” especially around the holidays. This podcast shares some simple solutions to avoid getting heartburn not only for the holiday season but for all year long.


December 7 2015

Understanding Organics, GMOs, and Wild-Caught vs. Farm-Raised Fish

Food labeling is confusing. From “natural,” to “non-GMO,” “organic,” “conventional,” “cage-free,” “Genetically Modified,” and the list goes on. This Dishing Up Nutrition podcast aims to clarify these terms and give you the confidence to choose as you shop.


November 23 2015

Six Ways to Avoid the Holiday 10 (Pounds, That Is!)

The holidays are a tough time to eat healthy but it is possible. We have six tips to share, starting the easiest, never arrive hungry to a party, and share five more that are proven to help.


November 16 2015

Nutrition for Pregnancy with special guest Laurel Riedel, RN, Midwife

A show for all women of childbearing age, from preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, this Dishing Up Nutrition focuses on nutrition for all stages of pregnancy. Everything you’re eating, even well before you get pregnant, is impacting your future baby. Listen in to learn what foods help with fertility, and healthy babies and mamas.

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