November 23 2015

Six Ways to Avoid the Holiday 10 (Pounds, That Is!)

The holidays are a tough time to eat healthy but it is possible. We have six tips to share, starting the easiest, never arrive hungry to a party, and share five more that are proven to help.

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November 16 2015

Nutrition for Pregnancy with special guest Laurel Riedel, RN, Midwife

A show for all women of childbearing age, from preconception, pregnancy and postpartum, this Dishing Up Nutrition focuses on nutrition for all stages of pregnancy. Everything you’re eating, even well before you get pregnant, is impacting your future baby. Listen in to learn what foods help with fertility, and healthy babies and mamas.

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November 9 2015

Vitamin D Deficiency & Health Problems

Did you know that every single cell in your body has vitamin D receptors? Listen in to learn common deficiency signs and how vitamin D could arm you against cancer, disease and much more.

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November 2 2015

How to Prevent Incontinence

Incontinence is a topic most don’t want to discuss, even though it affects 13 million people. If you’ve ever lost urine control while laughing or exercising, listen in to learn what food and drinks are bladder irritants.

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October 25 2015

Crohn’s & Colitis

People with Crohn’s or Colitis typically experience severe abdominal cramping, nausea, and urgent bloody diarrhea.  With these types of symptoms it can be very difficult to live a normal, productive life—imagine always having to be on bathroom alert, making sure you are never too far from a toilet. Listen in to learn how changing your nutrition can put Crohn's and Colitis symptoms into remission.

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October 19 2015

Metabolism & Your Liver

We've all heard about how the liver helps with breaking down alcohol but what does it have to do with your metabolism? Listen in the learn what happens when your live is clogged (hint, you store fat rather than break it down) and how you can reverse that damage. 

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October 12 2015

Common Concerns for Kids: Focus, Asthma and Bedwetting

Parents and grandparents will want to tune in to learn what nutrition has to do with common concerns for children – attention deficit, autism, asthma and bedwetting. We’ll share what foods to avoid and what foods to add into a diet for a healthy, happy kiddo.

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October 4 2015

The Mineral Connection to Cravings

For anyone battling cravings – from craving bread to Diet Coke or chocolate – it’s not a lack of will power that makes you crave certain foods, it could be a mineral deficiency. Be it magnesium (which 75% of American’s are deficient in!), iron, zinc or potassium, listen in to learn if you too have low levels that may be affecting more than just cravings.

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September 29 2015

Women & Alzheimer’s

The stats show that roughly two thirds of all Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are women. In addition, more and more research is linking what people are eating, or not eating, to their Alzheimer’s risk factors. Listen in to learn more about the stark findings and what nutritional steps you, and your family, can take to help prevent brain cells from dying off.

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September 21 2015

Ask the Nutritionist 9-19-15

Two Nutritional Weight & Wellness nutritionists answer questions from radio listeners and Facebook followers. Listen in to learn how people lose weight by eating the Weight & Wellness way, if protein powder is safe for kiddos, snack ideas to support energy and what exactly do all the RD, LN, RN titles mean for our nutritionist’s titles?

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