October 4 2015

The Mineral Connection to Cravings

For anyone battling cravings – from craving bread to Diet Coke or chocolate – it’s not a lack of will power that makes you crave certain foods, it could be a mineral deficiency. Be it magnesium (which 75% of American’s are deficient in!), iron, zinc or potassium, listen in to learn if you too have low levels that may be affecting more than just cravings.

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September 29 2015

Women & Alzheimer’s

The stats show that roughly two thirds of all Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are women. In addition, more and more research is linking what people are eating, or not eating, to their Alzheimer’s risk factors. Listen in to learn more about the stark findings and what nutritional steps you, and your family, can take to help prevent brain cells from dying off.

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September 21 2015

Ask the Nutritionist 9-19-15

Two Nutritional Weight & Wellness nutritionists answer questions from radio listeners and Facebook followers. Listen in to learn how people lose weight by eating the Weight & Wellness way, if protein powder is safe for kiddos, snack ideas to support energy and what exactly do all the RD, LN, RN titles mean for our nutritionist’s titles?

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September 14 2015

Intestinal Problems & Eating Disorders

For anyone struggling with an eating disorder, or what many call disordered eating, special guest Jennifer Schmid joins Dishing Up Nutrition to shares her powerful story about the intestinal connection to her eating disorder. Listen to learn the biochemical connections to eating disorders and the new science of eating disorder treatment.

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September 8 2015

The Emotional Connection To Menopause

Dishing Up Nutrition welcomes renowned nutrition expert Ann Louise Gittleman to the podcast to discuss the hormonal and nutritional causes of menopause symptoms. Listen in to learn simple solutions, from what foods to eat and/or supplements to take, to get you feeling, and sleeping, more comfortable. 

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September 7 2015

How Changes Become Habits

How many times have you tried to drink more water, get more sleep, or fill-in-the-blank with whatever habit you’re trying to create, or break? Our guess is that you do well for a couple weeks and then end up sliding back to old habits. This Dishing Up Nutrition podcast looks at strategies to help direct small changes into larger goals and shares success stories from Nutritional Weight & Wellness clients who have made long-term changes with their nutrition.

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August 24 2015

Caught In The Anxiety Trap

What if your diet is affecting your anxiety? On this Dishing Up Nutrition episode we'll discuss how real food and key supplements can help you balance your biochemistry to lessen symptoms and prevent a panic attack. 

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August 17 2015

The Thyroid Gluten Connection

For anyone dealing with, or confused by, thyroid symptoms  fatigue, weight gain, morning headaches, depression, constipation and many more – this Dishing Up Nutrition podcast is for you. Learn about the thyroid, gluten connection and gain practical ideas for you to naturally get your symptoms under control. 

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August 10 2015

The Sugar Connection to Neuropathy

Dr. Jacoby, author of Sugar Crush, joins Dishing Up Nutrition to discuss neuropathy, “crippling nerve damage throughout the body—in our feet, organs, and brain” and why he suggests eliminating sugar and carbs “can mitigate and even reverse the damage.”

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August 3 2015

Is Asthma Sidelining You?

For some people, asthma is a minor nuisance. For others, it can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack. Doctors often talk about being aware of environmental triggers but don’t often address the food connection to asthma inflammation. On this episode we’ll share how real-foods can heal asthma. 

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