December 28 2014

The Science of Cravings

After eating all the Christmas treats, are you now suffering from cravings? On this episode, we talk about the actual science of cravings. In the past, people believed that cravings were “just a lack of will power” or an emotional problem. Today we understand that there is a biochemical connection to cravings. Stop beating yourself up for having cravings! Instead, learn what actually causes your cravings and what you can do about them with hosts Darlene Kvist and Brenna Thompson.

December 21 2014

Holiday Foods & Heartburn

Did you know that acid blocking medications used for heartburn, also known as proton pump inhibitors, are the number one drug sold in the United States? Millions of people suffer from heartburn (also referred to as GERD or reflux). It is very common and it is important to know it’s a sign of a more serious condition, so it can’t be ignored. Often, people are prescribed antacids to correct their reflux problem, however those medications don’t help the underlying cause of the problem. If you are struggling with heartburn, you’ll want to tune in to this discussion because it’s all about acid reflux. Listen in with hosts JoAnn Ridout, Jamie Carlson and Kara Carper.

December 14 2014

3 Important Steps to Reduce Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is considered an autoimmune disease with wide spread symptoms of muscle and joint pain plus overwhelming fatigue. By making a few food changes, clients with Fibromyalgia can make a world of difference in their pain level, in their energy level and in their mood. Did you know that eliminating sugar from the diet may ease Fibromyalgia symptoms? Cutting sugar, getting quality sleep and eliminating food chemicals such as aspartame and MSG are all essential to ease Fibromyalgia symptoms. Listen in with hosts Darlene Kvist, Katie Vigesaa and Britni Thomas to learn what you can do to start feeling better.

December 7 2014

The Sugar Blues & Hidden Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners

Chronic consumption of processed carbohydrates and refined sugar speeds up the aging process while leaving our brains working at a snail’s pace. Many people now realize that sugar is not good for them, so they substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and aspartame. Unfortunately, these artificial sweeteners interfere with metabolism, and for many people, brain health as well. On this episode we talk specifically about the sweeteners aspartame, sucralose (Splenda), and saccharin that are found in a wide range of foods. Hosts Brenna Thompson and Kate Crosby tell you what you need to know about these artificial sweeteners and how to avoid them.